Meet Our Team

With uncompromising entrepreneurial vision, Brett has grown EDS from a single neighborhood bar to a recognized leader in the hospitality industry.

Brett is one of San Diego’s most successful hotel and restaurant developers. Consistently curious and constantly creative, he jumps at the chance to be involved in any aspect of a new project. He’s an analytical strategist who can’t resist diving deep into the creative design process, Brett’s equally comfortable in front of paint samples and P&L’s and he’s always on the look out for our next property.

Soundtrack to My Work Day Positive Vibes – definitely country with a good story
Favorite Travel Destination Tavarua Island – I would never say I have already been there.
Drink of Choice Warm hot day – Tanquerey and tonic, Linne Calodo Wine when things are going great
Favorite EDS Location The next one…


Vice President of Operations

Steve Smith

Most people look at Steve’s impressive resume that includes executive stints at hospitality icons like Paragon Restaurant group and assume he’s all corporate all the time. And he does keep us all in check with just a shake of his head. But if you’ve ever driven in a car with Steve, you’d undoubtedly know he’s a polymath with interests including aviation, design, economics and geology.

Soundtrack to My Work Day Cake, John Mayer, Mozart, Toby Keith, The Cure, Infected Mushroom, Earth Wind & Fire, Muse, The Killers, David Sandborn
Favorite Travel Destination Great Britain (English Football!)
Drink of Choice Amarone della Valpolicella
Favorite EDS Location Padre


Chief Financial Officer

Colleen Williams

Colleen oversees all of our financial matters and is a Certified Hospitality accountant with 20 years of finding just the right solution to business problems. Besides being a financial wizard, Colleen is respected for her calm demeanor in the office and her jubilant love of sports everywhere else.

Soundtrack to My Work Day “Sound of Silence”
Favorite Travel Destination Hawaii
Drink of Choice Moscow Mule
Favorite EDS Location Padre because I think it has the most character



Rogel Valle

Every great company needs a numbers guy and we are lucky to have one of the best in the biz. Rogel audits our numbers and ensures we are maximizing financial performance. When he’s not in the office he enjoys collecting (and drinking) wine.

Soundtrack to My Work Day Hôtel Costes by Stéphane Pompougnac
Favorite Travel Destination New York City
Drink of choice Wine
Favorite EDS Location JRDN


Director of Human Resources

Fiona Jackson-Banerjee

The best defense is a good offense. Fiona guides EDS through compliance issues and ensures our properties are happy and productive workplaces. Her professional commitment means our on-property management is equipped to welcome guests with a team of hospitality stars by their side.

Soundtrack to My Work Day Nine Inch Nails & Deftones
Favorite Travel Destination London, UK
Drink of Choice Coffee, coffee & only coffee!
Favorite EDS Location Padre


Director of Sales and Marketing

Stacy Warner

Stacy fell in love with hotels as a child because she hates making her own bed and likes swimming pools. Unable to make “luxury hotel guest” into a paying gig, she settled for working at hotels. Today she spreads the hotel love through innovative marketing strategies.

Soundtrack to My Work Day Hank Williams Jr
Favorite Travel Destination Milos, Greece
Drink of Choice Champagne
Favorite EDS Location Lakehouse


Corporate Executive Chef

Dave Warner

We hold food and the people that prepare it near and dear, which is why Chef Dave is really popular around the office. A graduate of Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale School of Culinary Arts, Dave’s creations are classic, flavorful and include more butter than you would think.

Soundtrack to My Work Day Rush
Favorite Travel Destination Anywhere with an interesting culinary scene
Drink of Choice Jameson
Favorite EDS Location Decoy


Wine Director

Chris Delaney

Chris has dedicated his career to making drinking even more fun. Passionate about wine and service, his expertise ensures that each property has a wine list that is both appealing and adventurous. He is responsible for wine education, challenging the on premise teams to think beyond varietals and regions.

Soundtrack to My Work Day Talking Heads, Pete Townshend, Bowie, Paul Simon, The Specials, Untouchables, English Beat and other Ska
Favorite Travel Destination New Zealand is next on the bucket list
Drink of Choice When not wine, Kolsch and Negroni’s
Favorite EDS Location Tower23/JRDN

J1 (1)J2 (1)

Art Director

Jessica Fassett

Jessica believes that the devil is the details. Her thoughtful attention to even the smallest pieces of a project brings brands to life and creates a memorable impression on every guest it touches. From a VIP table inlayed with 4,000 gold slot machine tokens to retro hotel room wall coverings uniquely adorning each room at The Rambler, boundless creativity oozes from every inch of the design she creates.

Soundtrack to My Work Day 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
Favorite Travel Destination The Big Island
Drink of Choice Iced Coffee
Favorite EDS Location Bellanca Hotel

a1a2 (1)

Marketing Manager

Asiyih Linz

Asiyih enjoys getting her hands on every facet of the creative process from the naming brand inception to the thoughtful execution of its strategy. She can be found getting chatty and cheeky developing copy and taglines to help tell each brand’s unique story before pivoting over to building the websites and eblasts where the words will live.

Soundtrack to My Work Day Khruangbin, start to finish
Favorite Travel Destination Oaxaca, Mexico
Drink of Choice Light roast coffees, Côtes du Rhônes & hazy IPAs
Favorite EDS Location The Rambler Motel